About Paul Knott

Paul Knott is a business turnaround specialist who has a passion for helping others. Whether it is a severe company crisis to be overcome, or just making the most of what you already have, he enjoys delivering successful results in challenging situations.

This philosophy has now been extended into the realm of personal finance through writing OUCH!, published by Pearson Business.

Paul has a a degree in Mathematics (including the Harding Maths prize) from University of London and a Masters in Retail Marketing from TIAS Business School, in The Netherlands.

Paul currently spends his time between the beach in Whistable and Brazil — walking Rocco, a four-legged friend on the former and a hammock on the latter.

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  1. I have just started raeding Ouch! and am so excited that you have written this book. I have been educating myself over the past three or four years about money and investing and have been gobsmacked to doscover my and others ignorance about how we have been taken for a ride by the financial system abetted by governments around the world. I would also recommend Tony Robbins new book which although focussed on a US audience contains many useful lessons and insights. Paul, thanks for writing this book, if it turns out as good as I hope it will I will be promoting it to my LinkedIn network and to all my friends. We need to stand up against the system that robs us of our wealth and guard against the next shock.